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7 lessons I’ve learned during my first 6 months of blogging

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6 months of blogging: what I’ve learned

Last year, I started thinking about creating my blog.
You know, having my little space, where I could express myself at my best and give you more value. A place to share experiences and give advice.
I already had an Instagram profile and I loved it like, a lot. I loved having a community of people, interacting with them and creating interesting content. And I was ready to go to the next level.

6 months of blogging
6 months of blogging: what I learned.

The “only” problem was that I hadn’t a lot of experience about creating a site (read: none of it 😉 ). But that wasn’t enough to stop me. It was a challenge, and I was ready to take on it!

6 months of blogging: 7 lessons learned

Well, I’ve learned a lot! (PS Do you remember my first post?) I had to change my mind about specific things.
Also, I had to discover things- totally new to me. I used to think that blogging was all about writing. Actually, now I know that writing is the easy part. Having a blog is not simply writing a few articles a week, there’s so much more behind the scenes!

Ok, so here’s the 7 lessons that I’ve learned during my first 6 months of blogging. Enjoy!

You will learn a lot

That’s simply a fact. If you decide to start a blog, you’ll soon develop new skills.
In my case, I had to learn how to set up a blog, all on my own. I wanted to be independent and to control every aspect of my blog. The result is what you see today. It may not be perfect, but I am proud of it as I worked on everything, every little details…

A blog requires a lot of time

The amount you’ll spend on your blog is… well, not measurable! You will need time to learn, time to develop new skills, time to try and …fail! Ehi, don’t worry, you’ll win, eventually. But yes, it may be a long process.

6 months of blogging

Organization is everything

1 am and still working on the blog? Yes, that’s definitely me😂. It takes a while to find the perfect balance between private life and blogging time. Blogging time means doing online researches, writing articles, shooting picture, answering emails, … You will, of course, and then everything will be a bit easier. In order to be more organized, I’m using planners. Yes, more than one 😂. I have a daily planner, a monthly one and two notebooks to write down ideas, random things to do and so on. I am still using paper tools, but who knows, maybe one day I could try digital planners, I’ve heard great things about them!

You learn to be by yourself

When working on my blog, most of the time I’m home alone. Well, I have my two furry assistants you know, but they’re not very helpful LOL (you can check how they help me in my IG stories…). Be on your own is not always easy, but with some practice you find the perfect balance and you learn to be by yourself.

You understand who’s a real supporter, and who doesn’t

When my friends and family saw my blog, they congratulated me and told me some really kind words. Those are the people who are always there and always ready to support me. They were happy for me as they could see the struggles and passion I was putting into this new little project. And they were cheering on me. How did they show they support? They were reading my blog, sending me feedback, sharing it and so on. Each of them had their own way to show their support, but they were all there for me. I really could feel it.

blog what I've learned

However, that wasn’t the only reaction I got. Some people were definitely not cheering on me. Maybe they weren’t interested, or they were busy or whatever.
You learn that some people wish you much success, and some, simply, don’t. It’s a painful situation, I’ll admit it.
But the good news is that you learn a new thing: you don’t need everybody’s love and approval. You can be successful and do your own things. You just accept it.

Change isn’t scary

When I first designed my blog, I was completely in love with the theme. I thought that it would stay the same like, forever. But then, over the time, I realized that I had to make some changes, in order to improve the user’s experience. I was a bit reluctant, especially in the beginning. I worked so much on it, and then I had to change it? Well…yes. And now, I like my blog even more, as it’s more readable and more user-friendly.

Passion is everything

And last but not least: passion is everything. It really is. If you do something because you are driven by passion, you are going to succeed. Nothing will stop you. Yes, maybe there will be some slowdown moments, but you will overcome them.

Doing something not because of money, or because you want to please someone or because of competition. But doing something thanks to passion. That’s the only secret to really succeed. And no matter the results, if you love what you are doing, you are already the real winner.

new blogger lessons

I’ve learned so many things during these first 6 months of blogging, it’s insane! And as you can see, many of them aren’t directly related with the blogging world.

Before leaving you, I really want to say something: thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, because the last 6 months have been such an emotional roller coaster. And you were always here, reading the posts and supporting me. Knowing that you liked an article, found in the blog a useful item or the tips you were looking for, that’s the best reward.
So, again, many many thanks. I am so glad to have you here.
See you,