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Beauty Tips: The Skin Expert Reveals All Of Them

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“Taking care of myself”. This was one of the goals I set for this new year. And, so far, I’m sticking to that. In particular, I want to take particular care of my skin. That’s why I decided to have a consultation with a skin expert, so that we could talk about my skin and he could give me some tips. I’ve always used face creams and everything, but most of them were basic treatments. At least, until now. Having a meeting with a skin expert was my first step to a new beauty routine and the beautician gave me so many good tips! I will share them all with you. Let’s start!

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Beauty tips: face care

First of all, the beautician told me to use micellar water (also called cleasing water) to take my makeup off. Its micelles naturally attract dirt and oil and it cleans the skin in a gentle way. The skin expert suggested to rinse the face with warm water (never use hot water) and then apply a skin toner. I‘ve already used micellar water and I like it because it’s so easy to use, but I didn’t know that you should rinse your face after using it. I will give this a try!

Face serum

Confession here: I heard about face serum before, but actually, I didn’t know what it was and not even its purpose.

First things first. What is face serum ? A face serum is a liquid skincare product rich in active principles. Thanks to its molecular composition, it can act in dept. Moreover, because of its particular formulation, just a few dops are enough.

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How to use it? The answer is pretty simple: after cleansing but before moisturizing. Apply it on dry skin and with rapid movements. The skin will quickly absorb it and the serum will enhance your cream’s effects. You should apply it on your neck and décolleté, also.

There are different types of face serum, each of them having particular characteristics. You will be able to find the best for your skin type. In particular, some of the main properties of serums are: brightening your face, preventing and contrasting wrinkles, contrasting dullness and moisturizing.

brush and powder

Why a primer is essential ?

Before applying makeup, the beautician suggested me to use a primer. This product creates an extra layer between your face and foundation. As a consequence, the surface of your skin will look smoother and  makeup will last longer. Furthermore, it will hide little imperfections.

Different types of primer are available and you can choose the best one according to your skin type. The most important thing to remember when buying  primer is choosing a light one, preferably silicone-free.

A matting primer is perfect for you if you have oily skin, while you could choose a brightening primer if you suffer from dullness.

Beauty advice: mascara and eyeshadow  

Talking about beauty advices and eyes, it’s important to choose an eyeshadow that enhance our iris’ color.

In my case, having blue eyes, the beautician suggested me to use silver and auburn tones. Actually, I have already used them and I really like the effect on my eyes, as they naturally emphasize blue.

If you have brown eyes, you could use violet and blue eyeshadows to give them depth or you could choose gold and bronze to have a tone on tone look.
Lasty, if you have a green iris, the best eyeshadow colors for your eyes are pink, red and plum.

mascara and makeup

When you are buying mascara, the skin expert’s advice is to carefully consider the composition but also the brush’s shape.

If you aim for longer eyelashes, a thin brush is perfect for you, while if you want to have ticker eyelashes, go for a bigger brush. Then, if your goal is curler eyelashes, the best thing to do is having a brush with bristles of different lengths.

Ok, now let’s talk about eyeliner. Let’s face it, applying eyeliner can be so difficult! To simplify the process, the skin expert told me to draw tiny dots across the eyelid, in order to create the final shape. Then, simply connect the dots with a fine line. And voilà, guaranteed success!

Beauty tips for your lips

Talking about lips, the first suggestion is pretty simple: if you decide to have a smoky eyes, it’s better to choose a nude makeup for your lips. Nude makeup may appear as the perfect passe-partout, ideal for any occasion. Actually, choosing the perfect nude lipstick can be really tricky. To avoid any mistakes, therefore, it’s important to carefully look at your skin’s undertone. It is harder said than done, believe me.

If your skin tone tends to a pink color, the ideal nude lipstick should contain pink pigments, while if it tends to yellow, your nude lipstick should include beige tones.

Another great idea is to use a lip liner before applying your lipstick. In fact, using a lip pencil offers two significant advantages: it avoids lipstick smudging and it increases the color’s duration.


Summing up

So, the main recommendations of the skin expert are:

  • Always remove your makeup; it’s even better if you use micellar water,
  • Use a faces serum,
  • Use a primer to increase the duration of your makeup,
  • Choose your eyeshadow making reference to your iris’s color,
  • Select the right mascara’s brush,
  • Select your nude lipstick according to your skin tone

Well, talking with a skin expert was useful and it’s definitely an experience that I recommend. I already knew some of his beauty tips, while I was more than happy to learn new tricks.

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See you soon,