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How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

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I love Christmas time: we spend a lot of time with our loved ones,  the bright lights make everything special and… can we talk about Christmas sweaters? I just love them!

This Christmas is even more unique because we are in our new home, and I want to make it cozy for this particular time of the year. This year the traditional red is the main color for all the decorations, even though I was very tempted by white, mixed with silver… who knows, maybe next year!
Now, let’s talk about the tips: here we have 5 easy tips to decorate your home for Christmas

How to decorate your home for Christmas withreaths and pine cones

A Wreath to Decorate Your Home

First things first: put a wreath on the front door and you will immediately feel that magical atmosphere, even before going into the house. There are several types of wreaths, from the modern ones, made using Christmas balls, to the traditional ones, created with intertwined branches. If you are good at DIY, you could make your own wreath (for this time, I’ll pass… Mine was actually handmade, but by my brother-in-law!).

Adorn with Christmas Blankets

Then, the second tip is so easy, you simply have to arrange a (possibly red or tartan) throw on your couch.  I’ve chosen a soft, warm one. You could also choose a funny pattern, such as Santa or some reindeer.  This option is not only beautiful to see, but also useful: imagine coming home, after a long day at work, to your cozy Christmas blanket and spending the night in it. Sounds good, right?

biscuits and Christmas blankets to decorate your home

Christmas Branches

Another simple yet elegant ornament is to have holly branches all over the house. I’ve decided for artificial branches: having two cats, it’s a safer solution and I will use them next year as well.

Decorate Your Restroom for Christmas

Can we decorate the restroom too? Of course! The easiest way is to use themed towels or, for a more sober style, red or green ones. Another lovely idea is to put a small, cute Christmas tree on your sink or on the shelves.

Pine Cones To Decorate Your House

Finally, have fun with pine cones! You could use natural or white ones, for a snow-covered result, and place them in a small vase made of glass, or create a centerpiece adding some candles and you could even hang them on the Christmas tree.

Simple but of great impact, these are my 5 ideas to to decorate your home for Christmas. Now it’s your turn! Send me your pictures of your decorated houses or tag me in your Instagram posts! Can’t wait to see them!

See you soon,


P. s.
My first blog post ever, what a feeling! I’ve to admit it: I thought that blogging was way easier. You just sit in front of your pc, write some ideas, create a short text and that’s it. Well, I was wrong. It took me a few weeks and several hours of work to write this simple post… but I loved it! It’s great to have a place where I can share my passions with you and continue the adventure started on my Instagram profile.

I am at the early stages of blogging and I have a lot to learn: I hope to be able to create inspiring, interesting and useful content. Oh, and I also hope to go a bit faster, or the next post will be live on Easter! If you have any tips or comments, just write me!

poinsettia to decorate the house