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New Year: time to reach your goals

A new year is coming so it’s time to analyze what we have done so far and what we would most like to accomplish in the coming months:: it’s time to reach your goals! Using the following tips, it will be easy to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Let’s look at them.

Choose your goals wisely

Let’s face the truth: according to many studies, only a few percentage of people will be able to achieve their New Year’s goals. That’s not a great news, actually. But we must not be disheartened by these stats. The secret to succeed and reach our aim relies on a careful planning. 

So first of all, we have to choose doable and specific goals. Many times our resolutions fail because we choose the wrong ones: they are too vague or maybe they don’t mirror our real ambitions. It’s important to take some time to meditate on what we really want. Our goals should motivate us. Moreover, try to limit the number of goals: 3 is a fair number. In this case, less is more.

New Year: time to reach your goals

Reaching your goals requires planning

Now, let’s talk about the second step: create a plan. Many times our resolutions fail because we don’t know how to reach them, we don’t have a project and the goals seem to be so far away from us. That’s why at the end of January, when the first boost of motivation is almost at its end, our brain tells us “there is still plenty of time to reach the goals, don’t worry…”.
And this is partially correct, but the truth is that the clock is always ticking and in just a few moments the year will be over again. To avoid this, the solution is having smaller, intermediate objectives. Every time we reach them, our confidence gets an extra boost: reaching the bigger goal will be easier.

There are several reasons why it’s important to plan. Your goal is similar to a destination. If you know the map, it’s easier to follow the path and reach the final point.
Additionally, there are refreshment points along the way (intermediate goals) where you can rest and restore (extra confidence boost).

How to deal with faux pas

Fine, we have decided our final goals, we have chosen the intermediate ones and planned the road to go there. But what we should do when we step out of the line? No denying, it will happen. Our motivation may fail, or unexpected circumstances may happen. In this case the advice is pretty simple: be prepared to missteps. They will occur. It’s normal, it’s natural, it’s part of the journey. And what makes the difference, is our ability to face the difficulties. Gather your strength and get back on your way as soon as possible.

Tips in brief

  • Choose the right goals
  • Have intermediate goals
  • Create a plan
  • Be ready to deal with faux pas

Thanks to perseverance and commitment, you will be able to reach your goals! Have you already your next objectives? Good luck !

time to reach your goals