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Revitalize your skin after the Christmas holidays

The holidays are over: I had a lot of fun, but my skin is not at its best. Late nights, lots of food and the cold air didn’t do it any good,so it’s important to revitalize your skin after the Christmas holidays: I’ve found a few tips to pamper myself and take care of my skin and I want to share them with you.  

Less is more!

The first tip is pretty simple: avoid make-up. Probably we used a lot of it during the holidays, so a good idea is to go make-up free: a couple of days should be enough to have an healthier skin. Another good idea is using natural and organic skincare brands.

Revitalize your skin after the Christmas holidays

Get rid of acne 

Ok, indulging in delicious food was one of my favorite activities in the last few days (hum… weeks maybe) but now I can spot some new blackheads around my nose and on my chin. Definitely not happy about it. Purifying masks are the solution and a clay face mask may be perfect for you. There are several types of clay, including green (absorbent and anti-inflammatory), white (purifying and astringent) and pink (anti-inflammatory and anti-reddening).

The scrub

The scrub, our greatest friend. There are so many different types of scrub, so many textures! You can buy them, or you can prepare your scrub at home. If you choose this option, be careful! Some time ago, I decided to do it and I used coffee dregs: I heard they were good for the skin and wanted to give them a try. I put the blend on my legs and I massaged it. Well, after a few minutes I had a rapid heartbeat. Nothing to be alarmed about, but I won’t use coffee in my scrub again. Now my favorite ingredients are sugar and salt: you can mix them with olive oil to obtain a great homemade scrub. Don’t be too vigorous while rubbing it, especially on sensitive areas, such as the eye contour.

Revitalize your skin after the Christmas holidays

Puffy eyes

A great remedy to help you reducing puffy eyes comes from tea. You simply put two bags of tea in the fridge (or, if you are in a rush, put them in bowl with iced water) and then, once they are cold, you put them on your eyes for a few minutes. The bags under your eyes will tone down. For a stronger effect, try using green tea!

Get clean from the inside out

There are a few good practice that we can use on our daily life to help our skin after the holidays. Try to drink a lot: herbal tea (artichoke and dandelion are excellent ingredients), green tea or hot water with lemon are tasteful options. You can add some honey to sweeten your beverage. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits is another good solution to stay hydrated. Seasonal vegetables for the month of January are cabbage, chicory, artichoke, fennel and leek, while some fruits in season are oranges, tangerines, kiwis, pears and apples. You could also eat wholegrain cereals, fish and white meat.
Another way to have your body – and your skin- back on track is sleeping enough: try to have 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

Revitalize your skin after the Christmas holidays

Those are simple and effective ways to revitalize your skin back after the holiday season, I’m using them too and I can already see some results. Also, here there are a few products to moisturize, purifying and brighten your skin!