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Turning 30 years old

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Ok, do not panic. I’m turning 30 years old. Do not panic! Every birthday is important, but this one in particular is special: I am saying goodbye to my 20s and welcome to the 30s. What a change! Actually, there is one thing that I’ve learned turning 30: there is a right time for everything.

Turning 30 years old: some doubts

When I was a child, I considered everyone in their 30s to be ”old”, without appeal. Yes I know, I was so mean! Maybe that’s the reason why in the last few months, I was a bit concerned about turning 30 years old. Even more, I had some strange thoughts. A little voice inside my head was saying “At 30 years old, you should have done this and that…”. I was scared and anxious.

So, I started asking myself some questions, with the aim of realizing if I was truly satisfied. The process wasn’t an easy one and the major obstacle was created by the influences of our society. I am sure you have heard them too. Actually, I am sure we all hear those unkind comments, unfortunately. ”When do you get a boyfriend?”, “When are you getting married?” and also ” Why didn’t you guys ever have kids?”. There is no end to these questions unfortunately.But one thing is for sure: if you listen to this kind of people, you’ll soon enter a vicious cycle, a complete dead-end situation.

Turning 30 years old

There is a right time for everything

Finally, I realized that yes, I am satisfied with my life. At this very moment, I don’t want to change anything. I will probably take some decisions in the future, but for now, I am fine like this. These are huge changes and I want to make wise choices. There’s a right time for everything, but this right time is different for every of us. We all run our own race, in our own time. We are all on time. Thanks to these thoughts, I was able to gain a new kind of understanding. After that, all the fear and anxiety vanished.

As I got closer to turning 30 years old,I was more relaxed. I am satisfied with myself and everything around me. Obviously, there are things that I’d like to improve and milestones I’d love to reach (so many of them!), but I accept it. Having 30 years old doesn’t mean arriving at the finishing line, it’s simply part of the journey.

Yours (a little wiser)


Turning 30 years old